A Q&A With Author Ann Simas - Saturday

A Q&A With Author Ann Simas - Saturday

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I write the Grace Gabbiano mystery series set in Coburg. Book 4, Quilted to Die, will be released in July 2018. I will give a bit of my writing history, then open it up to questions from the audience. 

Quilted To Die: The situation she left behind in Seattle has always puzzled Sgt. Grace Gabbiano, and now along comes Dave Mackey, her former lover, begging for help. Grace is flabbergasted, but curious. Why would Mackey think she’d want to help him after what he did to her? Chief Aidan Cruz has a short fuse when it comes to bad cops, and he’s positive Mackey falls into that category. Grace discovers that the Seattle “thing” goes deeper and has more far-reaching tentacles than she ever imagined. The threat on her life also endangers those she loves. Will she be able to figure out why the rogue cops who call themselves The Magnificent Seven want her dead before it’s too late?

Located at the Coburg Community Charter School in Historic Coburg, Oregon! 

Half Hour Lecture

No Materials Needed